Price :US$ : 40 / person                departure : 08.30 am            minimum 2 person

Bloo Lagoon Beach is a great beach for snorkeling. The coral reef is right up to the shore and is very pretty. Best way is to enter on the far left side, where there is a coral-less canal that leads to the snorkling site. There are two restaurants with reasonable food, showers, chairs and snorkeling gear. The beach is easily accessible. To reach Blue Lagoon Beach, head east on foot over the prominent headland at the eastern end of the main bay. Follow the signs that say Blue Lagoon. Note that wading through the water can be both frustrating and dangerous due to an abundance of coral and submerged rocks.

There is good snorkeling in the bay, though the snorkeling at the Bloo Lagoon or White Sand Beach is much better. Beware of the current and remember basic safety rules, such as never to snorkel alone and not to swim to far off in a place that you do not know.

Several small shops in the main street of Padang Bai rent snorkeling equipment. They can also organise traditional jukung boats to bring you to the best spots and greatly increase your safety.

On a calm day expect lots of fish and great visibility.

Tour includes : hotel return transfer, boat, equipment snorkeling, and lunch



  1. Blou lagoon (snorkeling) + monkey forest + ubud art village + tegenungan waterfall US$ 50 / Person
  2. Blou lagoon (snorkeling) + spices garden + uluwatu + jimbaran dinner US$  60 / person